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Times We WonLeadershipLearn

Times We Won

There have been many times, we won.

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Being a succesful leader!

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What is "The Whole Story" from Its author!

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The Ice Bucket

GoodRead Reviews

I have enjoyed watching Bomber on AFL360 on Australian TV, and his thoughts are usually insightful. He gets a bit prickly around certain subjects, and those are exactly the ones […]

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@ Amazon

Surprisingly an entertaining and interesting read taking you into the back rooms of AFL football. Mark Thompson has been a successful player and coach with a few speed humps along […]

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What Penguin Said

Telling it as he sees it, this is a rare insight into one of football’s most intriguing characters. Mark Thompson sets the record straight on a career that has had […]

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Kmart Toughts

Thompson has taken the opportunity to reflect on the game that shaped him and to reveal the personal cost of his involvement at the top level. We ride the bumps […]

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“The Whole Story”

From Bomber The Whole Story Acknowledgements It’s been good for me, looking back, to see what I’ve achieved. Only recently I’ve realised how lucky I have been with the timing […]

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