The Book: The Whole Story

My book is out on the shelves in bookstores and major retailers across Australia.

They are flying out of the door at a rapid pace and its only because it is a very good book on football, management , leadership and it really does give the reader an insight into how a club plans , develop people , review performances and handle pressure and scrutiny.

Its not your normal type of story telling of end of season trips or funny events nor is it a book on the supplement saga that has flooded our minds in recent times .

Its my personal version of events on all the good bad and ugly parts of my life and how I’ve seen it from my prospective. Hopefully it helps you understand me a little more, as I’m sure lot of people think I’m completely crazy while others think I’m only a little bit crazy.

I suggest you get out and buy it now as once sold out you will have to wait for a reprint and it takes around 2-3 weeks and of course fathers day will be done.

It will make a great FATHERS DAY PRESENT for only $44 RRP

Mark Thompson